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Aer0nauts head for the BMFA challenge

This year we have pulled out the stops and are entering three planes in the forthcoming BMFA Payload Challenges.


Our teams will be up against schools and youth clubs from around the UK. Our senior project - the Quantity challenge

is a Gold CREST award entry by one of our students who gained a Silver CREST award last year.


Milo, our Home Educated team leader in the Distance Challenge led his team to victory last year and gained a Silver CREST award too. He has a strong entry this year with a plane half of the weight of last year's winning plane. Way to go!


Lewis is leading his first team after his involvement in the Distance Challenge last year.


Think0nauts are also sporting their own plane as internal competition with Lewis for the chosen Aer0nauts competition plane. All very friendly! Think0nauts have a very innovative trick up their sleeve that promises to rock the show!


Mark is supporting the  local Boys Brigade in their own bid for the Egg Challenge. A group of three meet on Wednesdays in the Courthouse to build their plane in record short time.

A few more examples of student


DSC00377 DSC00423 DSCN5721 DSCN2556

This chap seems pretty happy. His plane

(above) flying for the first time. But not all

planes fly first time as you will see!

Warning: May lead to adds and other YouTube content

Play DSCN5906 Play

Chin Puppets.

Just a load of fun but actually lots of skills here - improvisation as well as video editing