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am: 1:1 Wellbeing First

1:15 -3:30 Cookery



Thinkonauts  <10



Aer0nauts B




Conversation German


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Think0nauts 10+

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Product Design Apprentice

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Saturday Laser Clubs

The good news is: as part of our new developments we have been offered the use of the British Model Flying centre in Grantham to run some activity camps. This place is not only made for the job of flying planes but is a lovely rural part of the country with plenty of other attractions - idea therefore for a family break. The site has basic camping facilities - and most importantly a large indoor space where we can play aeroplanes without getting wet if needed. Please support us as we explore this exciting project. All ideas welcome, we hope it will become an annual event and encompass a broad range of aeromodelling concepts and state of the art technologies.

As with all T&S events, community is key so we are specifically opening this to parents and children in the first instance. The camps will hopefully key into a regular learning programme throughout the year which could involve periodic meet-ups and gatherings as aer0 projects develop. The BMFA are as keen as we are to promote this and establish a range of aeromodelling based activities for youth across the nation.

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We are currently looking for a new venue as ours has become unavailable for which we will need to close our Suffolk Centre from 24th May (hopefully temporarily). We have various options that we are exploring that may enable us to continue a local provision as well as into other counties. Part of this has been some online collaboration with our learners which has proved great fun. It's early days, so watch this space!!

We are very grateful for the support and friendship we enjoy from  many of our parents and students who are still trying to find ways of our staying open locally.

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