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Activator is a necessary requirement of Health and Safety so that we can be sure that students have been properly trained to access our site and use our equipment.


The course is designed to cover all the major processes and this is a useful tool in itself to allocate HE students to the most appropriate course. Mark is an experienced D&T teacher with school middle management experience of running a Design faculty so T&S is a little less complicated but the issues are very much the same and we take safety very seriously.


Risk assessments are based on national guidance which is updated online and Activator involves the students in performing their own risk assessments every time they use an item of equipment.


'Tidying up' is something we ALL do and is part of this course. We need to insist that all students participate in clearing away and putting tools back in storage or potentially forfeit access to our facilities. Repeated misuse of tools can result in same. However, our incident record is exemplary and most students will not notice any change in procedures as Risk Assessment and best practice is something we have always done with our students.