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CAD/CAM training for traditionalists

CAD is Computer Aided Design - CAM is Computer Aided Manufacture. This is a course in which you can discover the thrills of making things with a computer and a LASER cutter.


Who is if for? anyone who enjoys being creative and would like to give computer aided design a try. We can start as slowly as you, feel comfortable with computer basics but you will be surprised at how quickly you can design things with little or no previous experience.

An advanced course is for people who are familiar with computers but not necessarily with CAD.


Mike, in the example below now cuts his own aircraft designs using the LASER cutter himself after relatively little training.

. . .  . . it was a real eye opener and a great opportunity to learn a new skill, which will enhance my building enjoyment.

I have used it to make a dummy engine for my latest build (a DB Sport Cirrus Moth), the pictures

hopefully tell the story, and you just need to imagine trying to cut something that small with a


Quote from chair of Mid Suffolk Radio Modellers Club newsletter:

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