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Aer0nauts  BMFA Distance-Lift-Challenge 2015

Aer0nauts is generously sponsored by Stora Enso with  funding and quantities of paper and card.

DSCF0002web DSCF0007web Delta Flight Video DSCF0001 DSCF0016 H 17 First Flight Video DSCF0007 DSCF0010 DSCF0010 17TH JUNE 102 DSCF0012WEB 17TH JUNE 140WEB DSCF0003

First sketches

Chuck gliders


Twin boom/pusher test model

Large body to take

150mm x 300mm 500g


central fuselage pod to take

wing and payload

testing structures

programming radio

16th JUNE 008

Building structure

Finishing touches

Ready for first flight!

Modified to a front prop design

and steering nose-wheel!

29th JUNE 165web

Back to a 'pusher prop'design after a number of test flights

BMFA Challenge 2015

This was an exciting and challenging project to design and build a model aircraft to carry a block of wood 300mm x 150mmx150mm around a course as far as possible in 5 minutes. Our team used this to gain CREST Gold awards. Our plane did not win in its category but because of the team spirit in struggling to get the project to completion against the odds and rebuilding our plane twice after serious crashes during the competition, we were awarded the Jetex Trophy!!




Final Developments