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Gosh!! After a hectic two weeks of rushing to finish (so you noticed . .?) our team, comprising four home educated students and one WSTraining Post 16 student, went up to Elvington Airfield, Yorkshire to win an international competition by two points overall.

The judges were so impressed by our rags to riches improvement and development of a design that utilised authentic aircraft technologies that they awarded us the prestigious Jetex Trophy - for the second year running. Unfortunately our two key student designers could not be present for the competition but others in the team rallied round to present our design to the judging panel, scoring the highest in our round. The plane itself 'flew off the drawing board' - in other words it had never previously flown as we didn't want to risk crashing it in tests at home. A big thanks to Stuart our BMFA pilot for quickly trimming the plane in competitve flight and skilfully managing the power to get maximum laps. So we are buzzin' with ideas for next year. Come and join us!


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