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Design Museum Visit 21st June

An education in Design would be incomplete without a trip to the Design Museum London. The exhibition was of Design Awards 2013 and there were a good many interesting products ranging from new production techniques, architectural designs, game apps, folding things, seating, medicine packaging, variable focus glasses, lighting etc and an 'exoskeleton' for children with Cerebral Palsy. Thomas Heatherwick's Olympic flame. Amazing.

Photography by Lyllah

Visits 2013

There's lots of learning to be done by visiting places as a small group rather than as a large class . . map reading, route planning, navigation, tube (underground) planning, directing, ETA estimating, communicating . . .

Harry Potter World

If anyone thought that 'green screen' and computer graphics would totally replace film sets and real props - think again. The modern film is shot in a studio that once filming is complete will become a theme park. No props, no park. Long before Hogwarts was filmed it was built to scale in white card. The entire castle is built to scale for incredible life-like shots. Even computer graphics need to be designed - so it can be easier to just build a scale model for real.

The detail of the design work and the props construction is staggering. For budding designers - well worth a visit

IOF 2013

We went to the International Organ Festival at St Albans Cathedral. The event we visited was the Improvisation Final. Competitors are given three lines of  music 40 mins before their performance and a piano to practice on!



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