Many of our students like to play music of various kinds throughout the day. The studio is often a place of peace . . or noise for that matter as we have a variety of instruments that students can play if they wish.


We have found that students love to make animations and 'greenscreen' videos. This often involves everybody doing something, moving things, holding things, reading lines or making it all up. Our students learn loads from these little projects that they think up and take two or three days to complete.



DSCN4497 SoundCloud Clown Court Time Machine Pet-o-matic Dragon Slayer DSCN5909 DSCN0516 2017-02-28 17.51.03 DSCN5906

Clown Court

This is an example of Improvisation at its best. Chin puppets - is that way you call it?  The basic plot was agreed and the actors followed their upside down noses to discover who-dunnit! Recorded in as long as it runs for. Probably impossible to follow with a sequel. There's a challenge.



The future of petshops - no mess, no noise, no fuss - just a machine that makes animals. Amazing scenery made by Sami plus all the puppets and the centrepiece- a laser cut 'Petomatic' made with a torch and a smoke machine we made ourselves.


Time Machine

The ultimate arcade amusement gives two heavy handed customers more than they bargained for. They disappear only to return as an old man and a baby!



Peter the Dragon Slayer

Laser cut styrene castle and green screen backdrop. Sami's plasticine wizardry and voice over. Magic.

DSCN7489 web DSCN5725


We'll work as a small group to facilitate a common project but with each student contributing different aspects. This will operate in turn so everyone gets do what they most want and also learns a new skill.


Activities will include:

  • Scenery making, painting, constructing.

  • Video shooting techniques

  • video editing

  • Animation/stop motion

  • Photography and photo editing.

  • Foley (sound effects)

  • Voice-over and piece to camera

  • Performing, recording and editing sound track Fx and music

  • Titling and final production


We use linear editing in SD 16x9 format with high quality camcorders, mics, DSLR cameras, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

We use loopers and samplers and we are able to make scale props quickly using our laser cutter. We might even act for you!


These videos were inspired by the talents shown in a student for making intricate models of people and animals. The skills he eventually learned extended well beyond this which demonstrates how engaging with a skill or quality in a student can be a seedbed into which other curricular disciplines can be planted.

Sadly never completed. The story of a woman shopping for a new head for her husband.