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Options for schools

Well-being First bespoke Programme

This develops the student's self esteem, confidence and creative skills. It can enhance enjoyment of school through a partial provision or even lead to re engagement in school for non attenders or it can inform the process of diagnosing what alternative provision is needed.


Creative-Space (Art, Music Multimedia) and Tech-Space (Craft Design and Technology based)

Set-piece activities for 2 hours weekley for up to 12 weeks.



Who is this for?

Students who:

  • need a creative outlet in arts, music and technology (STEAM)

  • prefer a holistic approach to learning

  • need a calm and relaxed learning environment

  • may be school phobic, have anxiety issues, are school or subject refusers.

  • might find it difficult to socialise or perhaps suffer bullying

  • may be on the autistic spectrum particularly high functioning in creativity / innovation

  • may be experiencing specific difficulties because of a personal, peer related or domestic situation

  • may have low self esteem

  • may be at risk of exclusion from school



  • We operate on a democratic basis meaning that students views and ideas are central to our daily routines

  • We work with and report to parents, senior managers, educational specialists and LA staff to achieve the terms of EHCPs.

  • Students keep a daily diary which can be used to evidence progress and celebrate achievement

  • We are committed to child protection through relevant bodies and procedures.