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Education Otherwise and EHCPs

"Some children or young people cannot be educated in a school or college and may need to be educated at home or elsewhere. If the LA is satisfied that it would be "inappropriate"  for the child or young person to be educated at school or college they can arrange for any special educational provision which the child or young person requires, to be delivered somewhere other than in a school, college or early years setting - and the LA would then be responsible for continuing to secure and fund that provision. (This is often known as "education otherwise")


This is different to the situation where a parent decides to Electively Home Educate (EHE) their child with SEN. This is a choice they are able to make if they want to home school their child. However, in these circumstances a LA would not have a legal duty to secure any special educational provision which was specificed in the child's EHC Plan, because the parents would be making their own suitable alternative arrangements."


Children & Young People with SEN but without a statement/LDA- IPSEA


Through the EHCP, the LA or a school are at liberty to access Time and Space Learning for a child if it is deemed that our provision is appropriate.

Developments since September 2016

We have recently experienced an increase in interest from parents who feel that their children who have an EHCP would value our provision. Working with local schools and training organisations we are able to assist them in their educational goals by providing part time alternative provision. Time and Space Learning is unique and we are only able to achieve what we do and protect that by being small in scale. We work closely with local school management to ensure a quality and accountable provision, providing them with daily records of activities and progress and achievements to celebrate in the school setting.