Product Design Apprentice Thurs (1st & 3rd mostly) led by Mark Adams

What is PDA?

Product Design Apprentice is a Design class for creative young minds

It is your opportunity to be creative and learn to chanel your creativity into making real things that do stuff. PDA will challenge your ways of thinking, especially if you are creative and it will provide you with a strategy to ask questions and achieve things efficiently and optimally. Find out what that word means(!)


In PDA you will learn to:

  • design and make a product for a real person using Computer Aided Design

  • make products in small numbers using Computer Aided Manufacture

  • package technology into appealing and purposeful products to include styling and ergonomics


Projects Autumn term

  • Jewellery

  • Tee-shirt

  • Voice recorder packaging


Spring Term

  • Activator course covered during this term

  • Manufacture for batch production and enterprise

  • Mp3 player amplifier

  • BMFA Egg challenge plane egg holder



Your Commitment

  • You need to understand that product design is about OTHER PEOPLE! Sorry to shout but many kids struggle to think outside their own needs - and this is what PDA teaches us to understand: other prople's needs. Actually, we find that helping others is more fun than meeting our own needs - and this is important in employability as well as enterprise  

  • You may need to do a bit of homework from time to time such as research or think of ideas.

  • You will need to learn the basics of our CAD U CAN course - to be competent on the laser cutter  - this is how we make much of our stuff so it would help if you are familiar with basic use of computers. To this end you can take home a studentversion of our CAd software to develop your designs at home