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Well-being First

Time and Space Learning has proven effective in many instances over the six years we have existed in helping children to re-engage with their education.


We often start by providing open ended and bespoke learning experiences that develop well-being through trust and agency for learners to make decisions for themselves and the way they learn best.


Well-being is essential for all learning and 'independent learning' should not be regarded cynically as 'grazing' but substantially the foundation of 'buy-in', specifically without the need for external motivation.


A time with us can inform the school about strategies that can be further employed to motivate and inspire which may involve a return to school full time or the provision of Time and Space Learning to compliment the school curriculum.


The process should not be rushed and planning across key stages or managed moves is vital to ensure a smooth transition and experience for the vulnerable child.

During this process we maintain regular contact with the school and the parent with daily reports if necessary of progress assessed against a national standard of well-being.


We attend progress meetings and can contribute to reports that make up the EHCP.

In addition to our bespoke Well-being First package we offer prescribed projects based on kits that have been designed to reward with success but also provide scope for personalisation.


Time & Space Learning - alternative provision for school children

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