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About Time & Space - a learning community

We set up Time and Space after many years of teaching in state education and observing changes over the years in the way children invest themselves in their work. Particularly in creativity.  


We began with Home Education - providing specialist D&T and music facilities. Groups such as Think0nauts and Aer0nauts work at an advanced level and engage in projects that would be very challenging to facilitate in a mainstream school. Many of the home educated children we work with have struggled in schools having been bullied as 'geeks' and some take considerable pride in this status! The opportunity to go into great conceptual depth in a technological subject is just what they love. We learn much from those who can be very knowledgeable about their subjects.


We soon had enquiries from local schools who wished to explore how we might assist them in meeting the educational needs of a few of their students. Our brief was very often simply to restore and encourage purpose and confidence. Referrals to us come very often as a result of behavioural difficulties but increasingly we work with local schools pre-emptively to provide facilities that could not be offered in the school or in the same way.


We offer two commodities that are more restricted in mainstream setting: 'Time' and 'Space' -to learn at the student's own pace and in their own learning style. We recognise that conditions such as Autism and Dyslexia present as barriers to learning in a context where much of what is learned must be written down or read. Our learners are able to record their progress with pictures and videos and they record their observations in using dictation or video blogs.  School students can do their own project work or get involved with the handful of activities we run with home educated children. This is overwhelmingy successful and we enjoy a great learning atmosphere.


We are very grateful to work with brilliant teachers and managers in schools who recognise these issues and seek to provide for these children an appropriate education by sending them to Alternative Education Provision such as ourselves. We are even more amazed by the children we meet, particularly when in our environment, thankfully, they thrive.





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