Wellbeing First 1:1 sessions


This is a 1:1 2hr bespoke activity session once per week for up to 12 weeks



  • develops well-being and confidence through a number of short and inspirational activities and projects.

  • provides a necessary introduction to our community that those with anxiety will appreciate.

  • provides a break from peer group issues that might contribute to their difficulties.

  • develops relationships and trust

  • provides an opportunity to assesses the suitability of further provision


examples of short projects: jewellery, craft, making kits, stencil art, photography and editing




This 15 year old  attended once per week to make his choice of a 1/14th scale  jeep. It began with a basic outline kit we designed to his specification from Jeep drawings. Since starting he assembled the very basic kit independently, specificed the additional parts which we drew and cut for him to assemble. He has gradually learned to draw in CAD to modify and generate components using the laser cutter and 3D printer in which he is now autonomous. The jeep has working rack -and-pinion steering and fully scale machine gun drawn in 3D CAD software.




Time & Space Learning - transition and alternative provision

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