Who Is This for?

Children who:

  • need a creative outlet and may feel frustrated without this

  • prefer a holistic approach to learning

  • need a supportive and relaxed learning environment

  • may be school phobic, have anxiety issues, are school or subject refusers.

  • might find it difficult to socialise 

  • suffer bullying

  • may be particularly high functioning ?aspergers

  • may be experiencing specific difficulties because of a personal, peer related or domestic situation

  • may have low self esteem

  • may be at risk of exclusion from school

  • difficulties with processing information

  • need  purposeful projects in which to embed core skills

  • need opportunities to explore purposeful creative and technical subjects with plenty of making 

  • need a greater degree of independence and diversity of outcomes to those possible in school.

  • may have a sensory difficulty with learning in school environment

  • who may have SEMH or SEN issues and need to restore well-being